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I am specialized in certain subjects fields, listed below. I can provide you with more than a sample text for each subject field and I can provide you with clients' references to prove my experience. Please feel free to discuss my services below by contacting me.

Here is my list of speciliaztions, please click on any of the following to learn more.

- Sports and Fitness - Education
- Video Games - Software
- Marketing - Subtitling and Entertainment
- Oil and Gas - Writing Experience Overview
- DTP Services  

You can also find my list of CAT tools, here.

  • Sports and Fitness

  • I have started my sports’ translation experience in 2006. I worked for the official Honda Formula One team's website as an end-client. I worked on the website's news and updates before they shut down in early 2009 due to the global economy crisis.

    I worked as a content writer for Euphoria magazine, a popular English publication in Egypt. I wrote dozens of articles related to the local and the European football.

    I worked on the translation of the FIFA World Cup 2010 for the DailyMirror Sports. The project was handled by Lingo24 who referred me as a world cup hero -check here-. I have also translated a lot of articles about the EPL for the same client.

    By the end of 2010, the CAF –Confederation of African Football- decided to launch their Arabic edition of the official website – I was the only translator working on this project. I have translated more than 350k words in 6 months' contract.

    I worked on the localization MSN Fitness mobile application. I translated +80k in this project and reviewed about +50k words. The project involved some exercises and diet plans.

    I worked on the translation of the FIFA Clubs World Cup 2014 for Sony x Football page. The page offered full-coverage of the tournament in Arabic.

    I work on the translation of The Host City publication. It is all about event owners, venues, bidders and organizers.

    I work on EA Sports FIFA updates on daily basis.

    I am currently working on Liverpool official website’s translation. The project is still on-going and I cannot provide more details on it due to the NDA's restrictions.

    I have partially or fully translated the following events:-

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
    English Premier league season 2010-2011
    GLO-CAF Awards
    CAF Arabic website launch
    Orange CAF Champions League 2010-2011
    Orange CAF Confederation Cup 2010-2011
    Orange CAF Super Cup 2010
    CAN U-17 2011
    Orange African Youth Championship 2011
    All Africa Games Qualifiers
    Orange CHAN 2011
    FIFA Clubs World Cup 2014

    Why me? In addition to this extensive experience, I own a strong knowledge in sports. I am a fan of football, F1, tennis and other games. I read a lot of sports' news every morning; which enables me to use the most common terminology in the field. I always say, "I am not an interpreter but when it comes to sports, I can do it."

    Clients: EA Sports FIFA, Liverpool, DailyMirror, the Host City, MSN and CAF.

  • Video Games

I am working on the translations of Sony PlayStation account regularly. I translated many conferences, press releases, news, trailers and manuals for Sony PlayStation and their subsidiaries. I am also working on EA's translations.

I have started my videogames localization with the full localization of Galaxy Online II -about 70k words- 6 years ago. I have localized the entire script for Battle Camp. The project is still ongoing and I have just complete batch 16 with the end-client.

I worked on the translation of PS Home on weekly basis before they shut off in November 2014. I translated the editorial text for Beyond Two Souls, the press releases for DriveClub.

I completed the localization of the entire script of LittleBigPlanet 3. I have also translated all video tutorials for the game.

I have translated the entire audio/commentary script for PES 2016 and I have also attended the recording sessions with the talent.

I have translated the entire audio/commentary script for FIFA 16.

I have translated the entire script of Tearaway Unfolded and I have also attended few recording sessions.

I have also translated the entire privacy policy and terms of conditions for PSN Store.

I am working on FIFA 15 updates and live translations

I work on regular bases on the updates and events' translations for the following videogames; Age of Fury, Howrse, Goodgame Empire, Star Wars, Battlefield Battlefront, FIFA, Airport City, Experiment Island, BattleCamp and others.

I have translated the metadata and some games manuals for the following videogames: Mortal Kombat X, Rebels Table, Tower of Guns, Star Wars, Battlefield Battlefront, Boom Beach, F1, NFS, UFC, Bloodborne, Tearaway, Save the Queen and many, many other videogames.

I have also translated and edited a lot of smaller games like, Fruit Ninja, Spore, etc...

Why me? My casual style is appealing to all gamers out there. I am a gamer myself and I know how to address other gamers. I have a passion for videogames. I have almost all videogames platforms. I played many videogames in the past and I am still playing on my consoles sometimes. I watch E3 conferences and I am a keen watcher of the industry news.

Clients: Sony, Konami, IGG, EA, Sony PlayStation and others


The marketing subject field is very and extensive. I have translated many sorts of marketing texts. I have translated many projects in the luxury industry for high-profile clients like; Bermont Watch Company, Bally, Tiffany & Co. and Tiffany Watches. I worked for several months on the Arabic translation for Mayfair magazine.

I have translated several marketing materials related to the tourism and hospitality industry, including: Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing's website localization, Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2015, Sunway Hotels & Resorts and Marriot hotels.

I have worked on many video-games promotions and packages offers.

I have localized many websites for high-profile clients for the purpose of promoting their services and solutions. This list includes, Kenwood, Braun, eXtra Stores, Pentair, Schulman, Summer Infant, Quooker taps and many others.

I have translated many marketing projects targeting different social groups, categories and genders. I have translated promotional materials in a variety of industries.

Why me? I understand the concept of marketing. I know what to say and when to say it to which target audience. I own the sense and the talent to know what sounds “exaggerating” or “ambiguous” and I avoid it. I read several books in marketing. I have attended a creative writing’s training at one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in Egypt, TNC. I know when to be formal and when to be casual. I know how to say it!
Clients: Bally, Bermont Watch Company, Tiffany & Co., Dubai Tourism and Commerce and others.

Oil and Gas

I am working on the Arabic translation for Oil and Gas Technology magazine. This is a large project that usually exceeds +25k words quarterly. The material varies from technical subjects to news, interviews and advertisements. In brief, it tackles everything related to oil and gas. I have been working on this project for 5 years till today.

In 2009, I have translated a large project for Sirte Oil Company, about 200k words.

In 2014, I translated the corporate profile for Petrotrans.

In 2015, I have translated the installation and operation manuals for 1720-DS Fuel Nozzle for Gasso, it was +60k words. I have also translated Specialist Services/Labtech Website Content, +20k words.

I have also translated several press releases for other companies.

Why me? I am working on the translation of the oil and gas industry news on regular basis. I always keep myself up-to-date with the latest news in the industry. I have created my very own glossary to provide the most accurate translations used in the industry and I have had it checked by a petroleum engineer to ensure that I am using the most common and accurate terminology.

Clients: Oil and Gas Technology, Sirte Oil Company, Petrotrans, Gasso and Labtech.


I have worked for about 4 years on the translations of SEED -Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development-. I have translated the kits content, the experiments, the website content, methodologies, stories and everything relevant to the extensive educational experience provided by SEED. I translated around 400k for this project on its own.

I am working from 2011 till the day on the translation of everything related to ELS Language Centers. I translate their brochures, publications news and initiatives.
I am working on regular basis on the translations of DeKalb Country Schools. I translate brochures, schedules, letters directed to parents, updates and all their materials.

I have worked for three years on the translation of Chicago Public Schools.

I have translated the complete materials for Sharjah Art Foundation's educational program.

Why me? I value the educational process and methodologies. I appreciate learning and I believe that learning is a pleasure. This is why I ensure each time I work on an educational material to produce a loveable material.

Clients: DeKalb County, CPS, SEED, Sharjah Art Foundation, and ELS.


I have been working for years on the translation of Zoho. I have translated all applications; CRM, SalesIQ, Sites, Support, Assist and other applications. I translated for this account on its own more than 400k words.

I have worked on Apple and iTunes software translations for several years.

I have a wide experience in antivirus translations, I worked on the translation of Kaspersky and Symantec.

I have translated large software manuals for Nikon and Panasonic.

I have translated large software user guides for FrameMaker, Promethean Activ Boards and UDP.

Why me? I have enough experience to use the most common terms and apply Microsoft Terminology at a glance. I also have a very deep knowledge of software. In addition to my experience, I have a diploma in web design which proves my strong knowledge of coding and software and I am a tech-savvy!

Clients: Zoho, Apple, Panasonic, Nikon, Promethean and Symantec.

Subtitling and Entertainment

- I have translated several videos for Yahoo! Studios in 2014 related to the World Cup and Mourinho's CV.
- I have subtitled a long documentary movie produced by National Geographic, entitled - "Chasing Ice", 100 minutes long approx.
- I have translated many videos for Shell. The project was for a rally competition for 4 × 4 cars organized by Shell.
- I have worked on the subtitling for a long series entitled “Driv-Thru Europe”.
- I have worked on the subtitling for a long series entitled “Lupus”
- I have worked on the subtitling for a long series entitled “The Human Body” for ICR.
- I have translated several long films: Mulan, Black Gold, The Forger, The 11th Hour, Ava's Possessions, Black November and many trials.
- I have translated the Oryx's entertainment manuals on monthly basis for more than 4 years. Oryx provides Qatar Airways with the in-flight entertainment content (movies, TV shows, kids programs and music).

Why me? My casual style and the strong knowledge of the American slang enables me to reflect what meant exactly in Arabic, applying the characters limit and two lines rules!

Clients: Oryx, Yahoo! Studios, Shell, ICR, Sundance, National Geographic, etc…

Writing Experience Overview

I have worked as a freelance content writer for several English and Arabic magazines in Egypt on monthly basis for years. Here are some of the magazines that I have been working for;
English magazines: Euphoria, Magnificent Lifestyle, BreakTime, Coctail and Eighteen Plus.
Arabic: Ehna, Marina Rayeh Gai and Saif Book (Arabic)

Managing Editor
I have worked as a managing editor for 2 years in Marina Rayeh Gaye magazine in Egypt, a weekly magazine produced in the summer season, ten issues per season. I was responsible of providing the entire content, editing the provided content to match the magazine guidelines, working closely with the design and illustration team to produce the best artworks possible that match the content, proofreading the magazine prior to printing and doing the final QA. The magazine had achieved a great success in my time and I was interviewed by Rotana channel (Rotana Cafe' TV program), please watch the interview here,
Part I
Part II

What stands me out of other colleagues? I am a gifted writer with a strong knowledge and a very extensive experience in my specializations. I know how to write before I gain my knowledge and translation experience. This is why I am praised for the style. I always give this "smooth" text that readers can enjoy .

CAT Tools

I am familiar and up-to-date with all TM and CAT tools:
► SDL Trados
► SDL Trados Studio
► Transit
► Passolo
► Catalyst
► MemSource

DTP Services

I offer DTP services for my clients, so they can have their files ready to print. I support most commercial authoring and design applications on PC, including; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop to provide Arabic DTP services. All software versions are up-to-date . I perform QA prior to delivery to ensure that the target is identical to the source. I have handled hundred of manuals and brochures. I can provide samples upon request.


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